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Update for September 19, 2012: The Avengers on Gangnam Style

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The theme for today's update in MStar Tw; The Avengers on Gangnam Style Very Happy

- 3 new songs (All Around The World - JB, with 2 mandarin songs)

- Update for bug in Alone - Sistar

- New Actions (Avengers actions & couple action)

- New Item on Shop (Avenger theme, & etc.)

- Update real cover dance of Gangnam Style!!!

too bad, no dance book action to buy yet:P

- Also update real dance cover of The Boys - SNSD, Sorry Sorry - Super Junior, Good Day - IU

- Moon Cake Event
Haven't figure out what the event is about, seemed likely its related to login activity, for more info you can check here:

- Plus there's a 50% discount for swimsuit, bikini, and nude shirt item shops :3

thread for those two events can be found in here for updates, forum members only ^^

Official update info on Garena MStar Tw website :
Link manual Patch 120919:
Download page MStar:

Jika ada pertanyaan atau butuh bantuan dalam hal update kali ini, silakan post pertanyaan, secepatnya akan dijawab Smile
If there are questions or need help about todays update, please do post it here

Look! A flying Panda!!! \(`0´)/
MStar IGN on Thai & Taiwan: chatfly

2 untuk event moon cake on Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:05 am


itu terdiri dari 2 act
start event dr tgl 20-9-2012 mpe tgl 10 oct

untuk tulisan yg warna pink di dalem kotak pink:
kwkwkw itu artinye kue bulan janda jahat, jika log in maka tiap hari dapet
klo yg kotak warna biru gw kurang paham arti nya tapi di bawah nya tulisan : jika naek level dpt hadiah.. begitu...

yg act 1 itu login dolo pake id loe teros pilih server nye
tunggu beberapa saat bis tuh
maen ke game nye laalu ente maen selama 1 jem ntar dpt itu puzzle nye

untuk lv 1-5 dptnye kepala seperti yg di web nye untuk lv 6-11 dpt nye yg tengah
itu login di event buat aktifasi
setelah itu per hari ente disuruh selesaikan puzzle kue bulan nye

untuk act ke 2 itu tak perlu login
pada akhir event akan di bagikan pada pemenang yg berhasil menguak teka teki kue bulan pada act 1

jadi caranya elu login di act 1 ato kotak warna pink masuk server lo dimana klo kita di server yg cuma 3 huruf cacing doank
sorry klo ane blak blak an
di act 2 lu berhasil ke lv 40 dpt baju ironman sebelum waktu event abis
ok coy? event berakhir tgl 10 oktober pergunakan sebaik2nye yo

notes nya :
1. 活動時間依伺服器時間為準。
2. 活動二的獎勵將依照結束時該伺服器角色最高等級派發對應獎勵道具,並無法重疊獎勵;若單一帳號在『小巨蛋』、『紅磡體育館』都有角色,雙邊角色只要都達成活動條件,皆可獲得獎勵。
3 若玩家因觸犯遊戲規章遭受凍結處份、個人線路不穩,導致斷線、連接失敗等問題 而影響活動參與,本公司均不負責,活動照常舉行,不另做補償。
4. 本公司將檢視活動參加者之活動參與行為及中獎情形是否涉嫌例:人為操作、蓄意偽造、短時間異常多筆參與行為、透過任何電腦程式參與活動、詐欺或以任何其他不正當的方式意圖以進行不實或虛偽活動參與行為。活動參加者若因上述情形而獲得之活動資格及獎勵,本公司保有取消得獎資格的權利,並保留法律追訴權。
5. 本公司對活動保有最終修改權力,並可依實際情形予以增刪、修訂或變更活動辦法,敬請注意官網公告事項。

1. Activity time by server time.
2. Activities of two of the awards will be in accordance with the end of the highest level of the server role distributed corresponding incentives props, awards and can not overlap; if a single account in the "Arena", "Coliseum" has a role, as long as the bilateral roles have reached activities conditions, can be rewarded.
3 players suffered freeze at the personal line instability, leading to disconnection, the connection fails for breaching the game rules affect activities to participate in, the company is not responsible for, the activities will be held as scheduled and no extra compensation.
4 The Company will inspect the activities of the activities of participants involved in the behavior and winning the case is whether the alleged cases of: human operator, deliberate forgery, the abnormal multiple participation of the short time behavior, through any computer program participation activities, fraud or any other improper means intent to false or hypocritical activities involved in the behavior. Eligibility of activities and awards obtained by the event that the active participants in the situations described above, the Company reserves the right to cancel the winning qualified, and reserves the right to legal recourse.
The Company activities to maintain the final to modify powers, according to the actual situation to be additions, deletions, amendments or changes of activity way, please note that the official website Notice.

3 ah 1 lagi ketinggalan on Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:24 am


klo uda login di event mooncake nye
itu kue bulan yg di sebelah kanan berkurang 1 potong klo ente login hari pertama
klo bisa abisin ye kue nye ntar

4 Ha? o.O on Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:34 pm


agak lieur mon wakwakwkawkakwakw
tapi nanti ku baca dan ku coba, sebenernya ini ada thread khusus di forum Mstar Taiwan Event, bentar lagi ku rapihin itu topiknya
Bisa sekalian kasih SS ga biar pada ngerti o.o Razz

link thread buat eventnya mon, please di cek kalo ada yg kurang

Look! A flying Panda!!! \(`0´)/
MStar IGN on Thai & Taiwan: chatfly

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